Photographs hold a unique power to freeze moments in time, preserving memories that would otherwise fade away. They capture the essence of a moment, the emotions, the people, and the places, allowing us to relive those cherished experiences whenever we desire. Photographs become a tangible link to our past, a visual narrative of our lives, and a testament to the beauty and significance of our journey. They serve as a visual diary, reminding us of the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the milestones we’ve achieved. In a world that moves at a rapid pace, photographs provide a sense of grounding, a way to pause and reflect on the moments that have shaped us. They become treasured heirlooms, passed down through generations, connecting us to our roots and preserving our legacy. Whether it’s a candid snapshot or a carefully composed portrait, photographs have the power to evoke emotions, spark memories, and tell stories that words alone cannot convey. They are a testament to the importance of capturing and preserving the fleeting moments that make up our lives.

and Families

Seize The Moments – $1100

  • Up to 6 people
  • One hour session on location
  • Full access to client closet
  • Styling and wardrobe assistance
  • 25 images in online gallery
  • Please contact me for extended families and your custom quote

Senior Sessions

Embrace The Journey~ $1200

  • One hour session on location
  • 20 minute zoom call for styling and planning
  • 3 wardrobe changes
  • 25 images in online gallery

Celebrate The Change~ $1700

  • 90 minute session
  • 25 minute zoom call for styling and planning
  • 4 wardrobe changes
  • All final images in online gallery
  • Approx 60 images
  • Hair and Makeup


Curated Cadence – Starts at $2000

  • Fully styled and designed custom set and session.
  • Contact me for a quote.


Simply Say I do – Elopements $2575

  • 2 hours of coverage
  • Online gallery of all final images
  • Max of 4 people

Local Micro Weddings $5000

  • 4 hours of coverage
  • Online gallery of all final images
  • Max of 30 people

All The Things – Inclusive Elopements Starting at $12,000.

  • 4 hours of coverage
  • Full design, styling, and planning
  • Florals and Officiant
  • Access to Bridal Closet
  • Ceremony Set Up
  • Online gallery
  • Discounted engagement sessions with booked wedding or elopement package

Destination Weddings & Elopements starting at $8700 for contiguous U.S.

  • Contact for custom quote

Please note all sessions include up to 45 miles of travel. Travel fees will apply outside the local area.